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Chef Demos (Sessions 1 & 2)

Dive in with Cape Shark

Boston JerkFest will showcase local Chefs with our Chef Demo sessions. This year we will be featuring a Cape Shark campaign, titled Dive In. Chefs compete for bragging rights as the 2018 winners of the Seafood Throwdown and Jerk Cook-Off.  Other demos will feature a variety of hot products featured at the festival. Our Community Partners for the Boston JerkFest Chef Demo Stage are Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA), Gloucester, MA and World Farmers, Lancaster, MA and Red’s Best, Boston, MA . The Cape Shark campaign is funded by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

Concept: Two local chefs or chef teams compete. Each can only bring their favorite cooking vessels/utensils, presentation plates and three of their favorite ingredients, including jerk. Chefs will get a basket of fresh local seasonal vegetables. Chefs will get an hour to prepare, cook and plate their dish. Participants must make adequate food for the judges and the emcee to taste as well as offer 30 small tastings to the public.

Featured Product:  Cape Shark also known as dogfish is one of the most underutilized USA species. It is plentiful and is wild caught from our waters here in New England.  In 2016, nearly 6 million pounds were caught, sometimes 6,000 per day! Cape Shark is primarily exported overseas for fish and chips in England and stews and soups in Europe. In Trinidad, the filets are served on a roll called a “bake”. Some call it “bake and shark” and others “shark and bake”, yet it is a delicious sandwich of Cape Shark breaded in seasoned roti flour and then fried.

Cape Shark is a hidden ocean gem that is a delicious, sustainable flaky white fish and directly supports our local New England fishermen.For both the Seafood Throwdown and Jerk Cook-off, the main ingredient will be Cape Shark caught fresh within days of the event and accompanied by a basket of fresh local vegetables.


Chef Ras Skills Mills vs. Chef Ricardo Monroy

Emcee Raheem Baraka of Baraka Community Wellness

SFT Poster

Witness our Seafood Throwdown at its finest and bring a friend to watch two local Chefs duke it out? Come and listen to the sizzle of the seafood and the voices of your community and observe our community Chefs throw it down, Caribbean style. Each Chef will receive a mystery box of local ethnic produce grown right here in Massachusetts by farmers of World Farmers, Inc.

11:15 – 11:30 am   Who Fishes Matters with Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA)

1130 – 12:00 pm    About Cape Shark and filet demo

12:15 – 2:15  pm     Seafood Throwdown with Cape Shark

2:15 – 2:45 pm       Ethnic Crops in MA by World Farmers



Chefs Bobbi and Chef Nataka vs. Chefs Celine and Chef Annabel 

Emcee Joe Johnson

The Jerk Cook-Off will feature two Chefs will vie for bragging rights for the 2018 Jerk Cook-Off Champ. Each Chef will receive a mystery box of local ethnic produce grown right here in Massachusetts by farmers of World Farmers, Inc. The Chefs bring their special home made jerk sauce and will create delicious plates for the judges and audience to taste. This year’s dish is will feature Cape Shark.

4:00 – 4:30 pm   Bake & (Cape) Shark Chef Demo 

4:30 – 4:45  pm    Ethnic Crops in MA by World Farmers

4:45 – 5:15 pm      About Cape Shark with Red’s Best

5:30 – 7:30 pm    Jerk Cook-off with Cape Shark


Community Partners

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) – NAMA is a fishermen-led organization building a broad movement toward healthy fisheries and fishing communities. We build deep and trusting relationships with community based fisherman, crew, fishworkers and allies to create effective policy and market strategies.


World Farmers  – World Farmers’ mission is to support small farmers in sustainable agricultural production and successful marketing practices to connect culturally relevant produce to viable markets. World Farmers provides mentoring, training, and hands-on assistance when working with each farmer to build the capacity needed to operate individual farming enterprises. We enact our mission through various initiatives, the most prominent of which is the Flats Mentor Farm program.



Featured Emcees 

Raheem Baraka is the founder and Executive Director of Baraka Community Wellness (BCW), an organization committed to reducing health disparities and healthcare costs for vulnerable communities. BCW provides wellness solutions for at-risk individuals and communities that engage, educate, and empower through developing and implementing programs that address the social and behavioral determinants of poor health outcomes with a focus on lifestyle and behavior, food access and education, and environmental contributors. Raheem is a native Bostonian who has a deep passion for community health and helping to create solutions to solve disparities within communities of color and those that have been disenfranchised. He is one of 18 leaders participating in Food Solutions New England’s Network Leadership Institute and he has also been recognized for his work and dedication to community health and prevention initiatives by through multiple awards, including most recently the 2016 Boston Alliance for Community Health’s Community Leadership Award.